Job Interviews – Understanding the Different Types

Great! Your CV made its way to an Interview! An interview plays a vital role for any company as it is indicate whether the company and the candidate will make an effective match. Companies in order to determine if a candidate is a good fit for them, they have different types of interviews. Some are listed below:

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 Telephone Interviews[/h4]

This is usually, the first step in the interview. It is quick and takes place over phone or Skype. The first interview is always important since the interviewer will decide if you are applicable and you can make it to the next step. Usually such interview is happening from a member of the HR department and the questions you get are normally direct. This type of interview tells, if you can be a part of the company. Questions you might get on telephone interviews are based on your knowledge about company’s culture, experience and qualifications for the position.

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 Face-to-Face Interviews[/h4]

This is the most familiar interview and is often taken after a phone interview. It is happening after you have met the requirements for the position from your CV and telephone interview. The interviewer wants to see if you are a good fit for the company by testing your skills. You need to focus on the questions and keep answers short and to the point.

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 Candidate Group Interviews[/h4]

These interviews set between two or more candidates at the same time between two or more interviewers. Interviewers are preparing tasks and they are asking you to complete a certain task with your group mates for a given time. They test your style, leadership skills, ability to co-operate and and work under pressure or stressful situations.Be careful with your answers. Any solutions you suggest, must be convincing and always suggest further considerations that must be taken.

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 Committee Interviews[/h4]

This is (usually) the last step of an interview. Here is the part of the process where managers will tell you if you have been hired or not. At this stage, you need to show your connection with them. Shake hands with each person, have an eye contact with everyone and engage with all people in the panel and not just with one of them. This kind of interview is the most crucial one, therefore it requires from you to stay calm and positive.

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