5 Questions to ask during a job interview

[h2 color=’16a085′] 5 Questions to ask during a job interview [/h2]

Many candidates are focusing on answering the interview questions, but they forget something which is also important: “You Can Also Ask Questions”. Asking the right question during a job interview, can ensure to the employees that you are qualified for the position and secondly you are not there just to answer their questions, but you should interviewing the employer as much as they are interviewing you. This is an opportunity for you to find out about the organisation you want to work.

Before your interview, you should always be prepared. Research the company, read about the work culture of the organisation, learn terminologies and have a set of questions ready that you can ask during the interview. The possibilities are endless. Questions can be anything about why your interviewer enjoys working at the company and how things have been run in the past.

[h3 color=’16a085′]So how do you come up with such questions?[/h3]

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?

This questions, will have the interviewer, telling you what exactly the employer wants. Usually he or she will mention abilities that you didn’t yet cover. However, here is your chance to let him know more about your skills!

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 What do you enjoy the most working for this company?[/h4]

This will allow you to come more close with your interviewer on a personal level. The answer, will give you insights about how satisfied are the people working for the company you are interested. If the interviewer is struggling to answer, then definitely you know the answer too!

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 Could you please, tell me, about the team I will be working with?[/h4]

Asking about the team is very important. It tells about the people you will be working for and how you will interact with them everyday. By asking such question, can show to your interviewer that you are a team player and you care about the cooperation with your team.

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 What is the main problem that your staff facing and how I would be able to help you solve this problem?[/h4]

This is an essential question as it tells to your interviewer that you are willing to work and take as soon as possible your responsibilities within the company. In addition, your interviewer might tell you about previous employers that couldn’t solve the problem and there’s a chance for you on how to improve the problem and be successful in the role.

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 Do you offer a professional training or educating your employees?[/h4]

Asking about training and education is important as it shows that you are interested about expanding your knowledge and improve your current skills. It is also tell, that you are willing to learn more about the company’s culture and adapt quick to the new environment. Finishing a degree does not always ensure that you are the right candidate for them. For instance, if you were working for a startup company before, it doesn’t mean that you know everything about businesses. The company you have applied now, most probably have different needs from what you have already worked for.

Make sure, you are comfortable by asking such questions. It is important to show to the interviewer that you are willing to start working for them and you are not afraid to work. One can also tell that you have great skills on communication. The fact, that you ask question doesn’t mean your interviewer doesn’t count this part of the interview. Asking questions, can also be a part of it and can tell a lot more than you might thing.

Good luck and make sure you impress on your next job interview! 😀

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