5 Things More Important Than Being Likeable at Work

The most likeable people are often the most successful in their careers. Whether you’re trying to collaborate better, looking for a promotion, or simply wanting to foster better relationships with your coworkers there are 5 things more important than being likeable at work.

#1 Being good at your job

When doing a good a job feels amazing. It gives the feelings like pride, accomplishment, fulfilment, growth and worth. On the other hand, when we feel that we don’t perform well at work, it creates feelings like inadequacy and lack of control plus of course fear that we might lose our jobs

#2 Being kind and empathetic to others

Empathy is the ability to feel (to some extent) and understand the emotions of others. Sometimes my empathy seems like a real weakness. But empathy, especially in the workplace, is a strength.

#3 Amplifying other voices at work

Being able to speak up in the workplace has many benefits, both for the individuals involved and their teams, and of course for the organization as a whole.

#4 Implementing boundaries between your personal life and work life

It might be difficult to draw lines between business and personal life. Because of the usage of digital technologies, employees can work from any location and at any time. People will therefore continue to work while at home or on the weekends. This can lead to confusion, a decrease in happiness, and an increase in tension. Finding a means to combine your professional and personal life is the only way to live a life that makes you happy.

#5 Putting your values above all else

Workplace culture and your ideal career path are determined by both employee and employer work values. As an employee, work takes up a significant amount of your life. This implies that the workplace culture has an effect on your happiness, productivity, and morale. Your energy and excitement for your work may be depleted if you spend the entire day immersed in a culture that does not reflect you and your core principles. Even if the benefits of the work are fantastic, cultural difficulties can dull its appeal. However, it goes beyond than just culture; it counts if you and your employer have similar underlying principles. Therefore, you need to be clear about the kinds of work values that are most important to you before you seek for a promotion or accept your next job offer.

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