What Doesn’t Belong On Your Resume

Make sure your are not doing these things on your resume ????


❗️ Your resume should NOT be the only thing you are relying on for your job search.
For example, are you following up with every single rejection and asking for feedback? Are you reaching out to hiring managers in advance?

❗️ Keep it concise and specific. You don’t need to mention every single work position you’ve had. Leave the room for hiring managers to want to reach out to you and ask you more.

❗️ Here’s one thing that many candidates make mistakes when writing the experience section. Instead of listing all your tasks and duties, focus on your accomplishments, what you learned and what competencies you gained from the experience.

❗️ Keep it concise and specific to what you are applying for. If you’ve had experience from 10+ years ago that is not relevant to what you are applying for now, it is time to take it off.

❗️ It should not be too long. Max 2 pages is what is recommended. It is a good practice to have 2 versions of your CV to use interchangeably and see which one works for you.