10 Ways to Calm Your Interview Nerves

Feeling stressed or anxious about an important interview is just a sign that you want to do well. Your anxiety can actually motivate you to be better preparedprovide you with energy and keep you alert during the process. But, anxiety can also keep you from doing your best by distracting you or weakening your memory, so here are 10 quick tips for calming your anxiety and maybe even taking advantage of it:

Ask yourself, “Why am I so nervous?”

Give yourself a boost of self-confidence and remind yourself of the valuable skills you have to offer.

Concentrate on the Information being Provided

Instead of focusing on how you appear or how your answers are being taken focus on what information they are sharing with you.

Learn About the Company

Being knowledgeable about the company will help you calm your jitters and make you look prepared for the interview.

Find a Way to Relax

It will boost your confidence and ease you into a comfortable state by distracting you from overthinking.

Try on Your Outfit the Night Before

Make sure you check that your outfit is clean and still fits correctly to avoid unexpected surprises in the morning.

Get Plenty of Rest

Well rested is the way to go! Also, try to avoid consuming caffeinated beverages the night before your interview so you sleep well.

Make Sure to Eat

Some interviews may last hours and eating will help you think clearly and respond more appropriately.

Give Yourself Plenty of Travel Time

Plan to arrive at your destination 15-30 minutes early so you have time to collect your thoughts and so you have a cushion for traffic or getting lost.

Practice Responding to Test Interview Questions

It is highly recommended that you will be getting the questions or some slight variation from those questions that you practice.


It relaxed you and it helps you make a great first impression.

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