How Long Should Your Resume Be?

Open jobs get hundreds of applicants. Each applicant has their own resume, with each resume designed to win over the employer with all of your greatest strengths. Hiring Managers, have to look through hundreds of resumes and by the time they get to yours, they may easily be tired of reading these personal sales documents.

Resume TL;DR

Generally, it is recommended that you keep your resume under 1 page. Hiring Managers prefer this for a number of reasons.

  • Forces you to cut out useless information
  • Most hiring managers have a good idea by the first page
  • Less to read shows respect to the hiring manager

Jobs that you were working 10 years ago and has no relevance to the current position you are applying for often there is no need to keep them. However, recently a number of articles have suggested that it does not really matter anymore. They imply that hiring managers will not fault people for resumes greater than one page.

How long Should Your Resume Be?

It’s not necessarily a matter of length. It is matter of content and how that content relates to length. Here are the standards to set:

  • Time in Workforce – If you are just entering, your resume should be much shorter than a seasoned worker. Most of your jobs probably don’t help you get this new job and is unlikely you have enough to say to warrant a long resume.
  • Content – Every word in your resume should have a purpose. If it doesn’t, it should not be there. If a hiring manager skims your resume, you need to ensure that every word on it points to you being a great employee.
  • Setup – Resumes need to have an aesthetic component to them as well. If your resume is one sentence longer than a page, you should cut it down to a single page. If you have nearly two pages worth of content, it becomes more acceptable.

Take those into consideration when designing your resume. For many, a single page resume is going to be more than enough. For some seasoned workders, resumes of two and three may be necessary and will be considered accepted.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Resumes should generally be one page.
  • Longer resumes are fine when there is sufficient useful content.


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