Top 3 Ways to Organize Your Job Search using JobWatch

Any job search that takes longer than a couple of weeks will require some amount of organization. Without being organized you will lose track of the jobs you applied for and most probably you will be sending multiple times your CV to companies if you don’t remember where did you send your CV.

Jobwatch has developed a simple system to keep you organized and track jobs you might be interested in applying, companies that are likely to have the jobs you might want, or locations you would like to work. Tracking these things from the very beginning of you search will help you stay focused, develop skills to stay organised and improve management habits. Needless to say, that these are skills that most employers, always look for in candidates.

Job Search Made Easy at JobWatch!

  1. Save Jobs & Review Later!

We have set up a system of folders to keep track of the jobs you are interested. Since you’ll probably interested in number of positions, it’s important to store your information categories so  you can review them all at once and make your final decisions, in which positions, you are most likely to apply. E.g If you are a Software Developer you can create two different folders one for “Software Testing Positions” and another one called “Web Development Positions”.  That’s simple and here’s how you can do it:


2. Take advantage of Job Preferences


Most of the times you are looking for a job using same job preferences e.g location, industries etc. Save time by saving your job search preferences. Create a search that matches your criteria and then save your results of the search. This will help you stay on top of the things without having to search for the same preferences each time you search for a job.

Here’s how:


3. My Job Agents

Be your own Recruiter Agent! Have the jobs coming to you and be the first to apply for the latest available position. Take the advantage of set up your job preferences within the My Job Agents Tab and get alerts about new openings – this will help you to stay on top of your job search.




The takeaway

Diving straight into the job search is the best cure for any career related anxieties. It feels as if you are climbing a mountain when starting out but once you start moving you will realize that you don’t have to drive crazy yourself by trying to find the right job position. JobWatch is making the effort to simplify your job search that will pay off. Be the one who drives your search and maximize your time effectively.


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