How To Understand Job Descriptions When Applying for New Jobs

 [h2 color=’16a085′] Job Description – How To Understand Information When Applying for New Jobs[/h2]

When looking through job descriptions, you will start noticing a format they are written in. If you don’t have the experience this can be confusing. Below, we suggest you how to read and digest the information in a job description.

 [h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 Preferred vs Required Qualifications[/h4]

The qualifications for a job is one of the most important parts of the listing. It can include education level, work experience, required licences or certificates and required skills. The lists are most commonly broken into preferred and required qualifications. Anything, that is required is something you must have in order to do the job while anything that is preferred can be qualifications similar with what they look for. These are information that you can list on your CV or cover letter, in order to make it to the next stage of the process.

 [h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 Read the Job Duties/Responsibilities.[/h4]

Get an idea of the tasks you are required to do once you land the job. However, pay attention to job titles. Sometimes, same titles between jobs, can vary on tasks that you are required to do. It’s a good idea to identify and make a list of tasks that you have previously done and include them in your Cover Letter or CV.

 [h4 color=’16a085′] 🔎 Use their Description in your Cover Letter.[/h4]

Employers want to know that you read and understood their description and everything regarding the job. They sometimes can have a question or a specific keyword which will make sure that you have fully read their description. One way to show that you have fully understand the job requirements, is by showing it in your cover letter. Mention the skills you have by matching those in description. Using their description, it shows that you spent time thinking the job listing and how their requirements matches your skills.

Remember to apply for jobs you that you can be a great fit. If you aren’t qualified or don’t have the skills this can only eliminate your chances with the company. Prepare to utilise your unique strengths and figure out how the things you have to offer will be a great match for the company. In addition, know that you are not the only one applying for that position so offer something that your competitors do not have! Contact your personal SWOT analysis and land your dream job.

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