Keep Track of Your Job Applications and Interviews using JobWatch

[h3 color=’16a085′] Keep Track of Your Job Applications and Interviews using JobWatch[/h3]

Managing job search process in 2017 can be tricky. Every company and every social media site has an online method to submit your resume and many roles sound very similar. To add more complication, most of the companies do not have a method to confirm that your resume was received or a process to alert applicants when a role has been filled. And, finally, some of the largest companies might contact candidates weeks and months later or sometimes can take a year after a resume submitted. Additionally, think yourself as well. You are searching for jobs and sending CVs and cover letters to dozens of companies and by the end you actually forgot which companies you have applied for.

In order to make a great impression when you are often get overwhelmed you require some strategy. This will help you to keep track of where your application status and where did you apply.

[h4 color=’16a085′]Here is how JobWatch’s tools can help you successfully manage your job applications & interview process.[/h4]

[h4 color=’16a085′]🔎 Keep track of which companies you have applied [/h4]

Once you have applied to a role via JobWatch, all your applications are being saved under “Applied Jobs”. You can see the id, job reference, job role, company, date you have applied. Additionally, you can track your application status and schedule interviews. This directory should be a constant guide while searching for new jobs. First, it allows you to recall information quickly in case a recruiter calls you, so you know from which company you have been contacted. Secondly, it can be a reminder if you have previously applied for the same position so you don’t apply multiple times.

[h4 color=’16a085′] 🔎 Keep track of your Application Status [/h4]

Not responding to job applications has become a trend among companies and even worse you rarely get feedback or informed about hiring manager’s decision after an interview. Fortunately, JobWatch has developed a tool that encourages companies and recruiters to help you track your job applications and interview status. Such a feature allows you to check anytime where you application process is. [Screenshot]

[h4 color=’16a085′] 🔎 Schedule your Interviews [/h4]

You are just clicks away before you launch your interview! With Job Applications and Interviews tracking system offered by JobWatch, you can see if the company you’ve applied, sent you an invite for an interview. At this point, you can accept/reject the invitation or you can reschedule the date and time so it fits with your timetable. Also, such informed system looks more organized since all your internal communication with the company is happening through JobWatch – without worrying that an email didn’t make it’s way to company’s inbox!  What’s more, there is also, a message system where you can contact the company anytime.

[h4 color=’16a085′] Conclusion[/h4]

JobWatch is your career partner! It does all the things that you may never imagine doing yourself such as: save job preferences, keep track of your job applications, manage and schedule your interviews in matter of seconds etc. We feel the frustration of -you- the jobseeker and we do the most to help you effectively increase the chances of getting your next job. We put all the effort to save yourself the stress and headache that comes with job hunting. So, what you have to do, is to just take a place and with ease search for jobs and keep track of your applications!

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