Job Interview- 7 things not to say

  1. I don’t know

Don’t say “I don’t know” or “I don’t have any weaknesses” or “I am known to be a perfectionist”. For instance, when asked to name one of your weakness or flaws, it is a no no to say you have none or that you are perfectionist. Despite being an extremely common response, perfectionism is not a flaw and everyone will know you are lying.

  1. Criticize your boss

Don’t say “My colleagues were difficult to get alone with!” or anything related to your boss. During a job interview, never criticize a former boss or employer. No matter how poorly you were treated, it is foolish to point the finger at someone from your previous job, frankly it is simply unnecessary. For one thing, the person interviewing you, may feel that you are disloyal.

  1. You’re my last hope

Don’t say “You have no idea, you are my last hope. If I don’t get this, you have no idea what I am going do myself” or “You are the only hiring now and If I don’t let his, it is the end for me”. Chill out, relax, it is only a job interview! Never beg or talk about how much you need the job – it makes you look unprofessional! If you pour out a sob story to try to win the interviewer’s sympathy, you most likely signing your “never” warrant with the company.

  1. I need the pay for a car

Don’t say “If I get the job, then I can buy a car to get me to work on time every day” or “I hope I wouldn’t have to wait in line to jump on the bus anymore once I get this job”or “I can spend my first salary payment on a car” or “Are you kidding me? I need to pay off my loans”. This is your chance to reiterate why you are the best person for the role. Never impose conditions on your problems that might be solved once they start paying you.

  1. I get stressed easily

Don’t say “ I get stressed easily. I took six months off last year due to stress. Hopefully that is not going to happen anymore” or “I am hopeless when it comes to holding down a job that I don’t like because I lose interest easily”. If there are gaps in your CV, never use your explanation to emphasize your weaknesses. Don’t bring up six months of poor work attendance at a previous job following stress that required therapy. After all, it was a one-time event and hopefully will not recur. There is no sense in planting doubts in a prospective employer’s mind unless you must.

  1. No slang words!

Never use careless language. Avoid jokes, slang, racial slurs and other kinds of inappropriate diction. Even if you feel comfortable with your interviewer you want to show your best professional side while being considered for employment. Use everyday speech and a conversational tone without including slang. Put a guard on your tongue for few hours to avoid botching this unique opportunity.

  1. How much is the salary?

Don’t say “Exactly how much is this job paying anyway?” or “When am I going to be promoted once I start working here?”. Never mention salary or promotion in an interview unless you are asked first. Avoid asking for when you are going to be promoted, remember that the job is not yet yours. Do not put the cart before the horse. You must wait for the interviewer to ask you questions about salary first. Even if you feel comfortable with your interviewer, you want to show that the job and working at the company are more important.


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