Basic Skills that You Need for All jobs

Basic Skills that You Need for All jobs

“I am a people person with great communication skills. I am also a problem-solver with the ability to think logically. Along with this, I am computer literate and able to adapt to a number of different situations and environments. “

Regardless the industry or type of jobs you did in the past, employers wants to see basic skills on a candidate, too. Some of these skills are detailed below and provide you with some insight into how you can build on them in an effort to make yourself more employable.

People Skills

Seeing as through you will likely be dealing with people on a regular basic, whether that means dealing directly with clients or simply liaising with your co-workers, it is important for every professional to be able to interact with other in a friendly manner. If you find yourself struggling with this is because you are shy or introverted. The only way to overcome this is to practice, interacting with as many people as possible and as often as possible.

Communication Skills

If you cannot verbalise your thoughts, feelings and ideas, you are going to find it very difficult to make a success of your career. Communication skills mean more than simply being able to utilize and understand a language with a certain level of proficiency. It also means being able to adapt your communication skills and according to who you are talking. In order to improve your communication skills, it is essential that you value yourself and your own opinions, that you understand you own needs and wants and overcome any barriers such as low self-esteem.

Problem Solving

There will always be challenge along the path to success. In order to overcome these challenges, you will need to be able to solve problems and come up with solutions under pressure. To maintain such skill you need to ensure that you maintain an open mind and weigh pros and cons before making any final solution.

Computer Literacy

In the fast-changing computerised world, almost every business has entered the digital era in one way or another. Basic skills in computers are demanded and is must for all who are seeking jobs. Lack of computer literacy can foil many job seekers. Skills such as Word, Excel, Power Point continue to dominate the computer software world and used in the workplace. It is here to stay. Keyboard skills such as typing skills and learning keyboard pads and key function also remain some of the top requirements for any job application.



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