5 Benefits of Attending a Conference

If you are looking for a new job or you are currently searching while unemployed, attending a business conference can be a powerful tool in your job search. Attending a conference is an investment of your time and money, but it can net your lifelong connections and gets you interview opportunities and more benefits. Although, conferences can be pricey seek budget-friendly conferences with discounts or scholarships within your local community.

5 Benefits of Attending a Conference

You will learn about your industry

During interviews, employers and hr managers  will inquire about your past experiences and education. But, they are also interested to know your knowledge you have overall within your field. Having an awareness in your industry from though leaders to trends, is helpful when answering interview questions. Conferences make it easy to gain these insights.

You will expand your connections

Networking really does make difference. Not only will having broad connections help you find out about jobs (before they even advertising it) but mentioning someone who works there on your cover letter or resume will make your application much more stronger.

Remember that every attndee at a conference is eager to meet new people. Plus, it’s easy to start conversation with basic questions like “What’s your favorite presentation so far?” and “What do you think of conference’s location so far?”

Make use your elevator pitch in conversation with your new acquaintances. If you have a meaningful or extended conversation, exchange business cards so to connect.

You will find more opportunities

Many job opportunities are not advertised on listing or on companies’ career page. During the social parts of a conference, you might find out about a position that needs to be filled and you are just a step away to find your dream company and connect with someone for an informational interview once the event is over.

You will get ideas and inspiration

After a conference, you may find a new field of interest. Any great way to take the advantage of being at a conference is to ask everyone you meet and particular people you are admiring how they got their position.

You will improve your job search skills

Does a small talk make you anxious? A conference can be a place to practice those skills which are often essential for successful interviews and on-the-job performance.


Once the event is over, it’s time to follow up with the people you met at the conference. The easiest way is to connect through Linkedin or follow them on Twitter. Another way is to write an email to each person you met and let the person that you would like to stay in touch.


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