Working at a Startup: Everything You Need to Know

Working at a startup is being an attractive option for many jobseekers. Startups tend to mention on their job descriptions “room for career development” or “fun and casual work environment”. and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be in a fun workplace?

During a startup, you will be faced with questions that will not always be on the common question lists.  Apart from joining the fun work environment, startups usually look for specific skills in a candidate before hiring, such as adaptability to work culture, passion and the drive to put all the efforts to take this startup to better places.

Innovation and creativity are essential to their success. They look towards their success and they quickly grow to become large enterprises. However, working at a startup, there are some downsides to consider too. Before you get your foot in a startup company and assume this is your ideal job, make sure you familiarize yourself with everything you need to know in order to truly succeed.

 Change is a Norm

Startups always have something new happening. Things are rapidly change and change is a norm. They are all about being enthusiastic and working hard, and is a great opportunity for those who want to challenge and looking for a career adventure. If you consider yourself as someone who prefers routines and schedules then you are likely to be unsatisfied working at a startup.

Startups almost never have the same day twice. Some days you will have unplanned meetings where you will be exposed to new tools and information that changes everything you are currently doing. You will probably see a lot new faces that come and go such as new hires, short leaves, you may be faced strategy changes and even to be forced to leave all the work you did in the past unused.

Work Hours and the Job

Working at a startup, you will probably need to go above and beyond. It is not only what is written on that job description you agreed to. You are expected to work very hard and sometimes a 50-hour workweek becomes normal. You need to remember that the company is still striving to blossom and you are all working towards that. It is challenging to some, but if you are willing to work extra hours to reach what everyone is working towards and try to create a good product that will stand out in the market then you are a good fit.


It’s all about  the teamwork. In the early stages of a startup, it may begin with less than 10 people. Most likely you will find  all the employees sitting around the same table working on many tasks and splitting it equally. Teamwork is vital for the company’s success and you cannot avoid. “Great things in business are never done by one person – Steve Jobs”

It is important, that all employees are learning constantly. They are all there to learn and working towards the same exact goal. Being open to work this kind of work style, you will help yourself to learn a lot about yourself and others around you.

Embrace the good

Startups are working within an encouraging work environment that boost innovation and creativity. This is because they want to grow the business. Also, remember the are many perks that keep employees happy and money isn’t everything. Being comfortable in your workplace is also as valuable. Flexible working hours, ability working from home, intensive learning potential, higher room for growth and career development, and the casual atmosphere are just some of the perks that come with it.

Another great thing about startups is that they offer all the needed training that helps you become an entrepreneur. That said, working in a startup is not ideal for everybody. Some people perceive themselves are hard workers in smaller teams, while others enjoy doing repetitive and routine tasks in a large organization. That is perfectly fine! The truth about startups is that they are not suitable for everyone. Before starting, consider how you are going to fit and lead to their success and whether it is the right place for you to start your career from. Remember, some startups do fail, but some of them achieve a skyrocket success and you become part of that!

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