Jobs for people who love the theater

Whether you’ve been hooked on drama since you could barely talk or you’ve only just discovered the world of theater or there are people say you are wasting your time and you will never make a career from it, show them this handy list of jobs and walk off with an over-acted laugh as you exit stage right.


The ultimate job for thespians, you will get to be the center of attention, receive lots of praise and you will be able to tell people that you act for a living. You might think it’s an easy career choice: act like someone else for 90 minutes, sign autographs for your fans and going back home to read your mail and chill, unfortunately the truth is less glam. Working at a theater it’s hard work and you won’t be playing the lead characters straight always unless you are REALLY good. You are more likely to work your way up from the role of “tree number 3”.

Drama Teacher

If you decided that the stage isn’t for you but you love the idea of teaching the future Angelina Jolie of this world then become a drama teacher. Teaching the kids everything you know, you may even be thanked in their Oscar acceptance speech.


If you are shy and have no intention of standing on the stage then why not become a director? This is a boss type job by telling to actors how they should be saying the lines, where they should stand and when they should get off the stage!

Stage Manager

This job involves keeping your head. You juggle directors, actors, tech staff. When something goes wrong, you will be expected to sort it out before the curtain goes up. It is your responsibility to head down the shops and replace it. An actor calls and is sick? You have to prepare the shaking understudy that last night was playing a sheep.

Tech and stage hand

More action goes on backstage than it does on stage with the tech and stagehand crew working hard behind the scenes.

Not a job for anyone who glories in praise or applause, stage hands are the people that can go un-thanked, so be prepared to cart around heavy props, build complicated scenery, fix lights from high ceilings and sort out loud explosions and special effects… and then watch the actors who waltzed around it get all the praise.

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