Jobs for people who love sport

Sporty jobs are often very popular as lots of people include sport as a passion or interest. However, if you are smart about it, plan things well and showcase yourself properly then you, as well, can be one of those lucky people that doing a job they love.

What job for people who love sport?

Practical people are needed right now as companies struggle in touch economy and are looking for employees that will just get stuck in and get the job done. And there are many things that you can do as a practical personality.

Physiotherapist/sports Therapist

Physiotherapists are a key part of many sporting teams, at all levels. Even getting onto the necessary degree course to be in with a chance of getting a job is tough with competition for places fierce, but once you are in the opportunities to work with some of the best sporting teams in the world is, frankly, incredible.

Personal Trainer

If you actually enjoy exercise and want to help other people to get fitter then a job as a personal trainer could be enjoyable. We live in a world of increasing obesity and unfitness therefore someone who is interested to challenge turning people into healthy and fit ones, then this is you!

PE Teacher

PE teaching can be a great way of combining a love of sport with a job. For a start, you will be instilling passion for the game into youngsters and you never know, you may see one of your students hitting the big time in the future.


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