Job Interview: 10 Job Tips You Should Know

Job interviewing never seems to get any easier, even if you have gone on more interviews that you can count. Securing a job interview, yet a good position is more difficult than ever since the job market today is competitive. Having to sell yourself and your skills, what you know or don’t know can get stressful during an interview process. And, you have to stay upbeat and enthusiastic throughout each interview. That said, there are ways to make a job interview much less stressful.

Tip #1 – Research
Invest a little time prior to the interview and do your homework about the employer and the industry so you are ready for the question What do you know about our company?”Hirers, the’re dealing with someone who is serious about the position when they are prepared with relevant data such as press releases, revenue numbers. Savvy online searching can turn up valuable information on most companies. During, the interview, try to relate what you have learned about the company when answeing questions.
Tip #2 – Practice In Advance
Practice answering interviewing questions and practice your responses to the typical job interview questions and answers most employers ask. Expect questions on Where you will be in 5 years, about difficult work experiences, your most stressful jobs and your favorite job. The reason why you need to be prepared for these questions is simple! Hirers, challenge applicants with tough questions to judge the potential employees if they are a company fit and see how they can cope under pressure.
“Practice makes perfect! – The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be!”
Tip #3 – Prepare for Behavioral Questions
Hirers use behavioral questions to gig into past achievements and predict future performance. They can identify an applicant’s key competencies and skills so it’s vital to prepare answers that match your skills to the employers requirements. Focus on past achivements and highlight abilities in the following areas
  1. Leadership
  2. Teamwork
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Failures
  5. Conflicts
Tip #4 – Put Thought Into Your Appearance
First impressions matter. The safe bet is to dress professionally and be well groomed when showing up for an interview. Pay attention to colors and accessories.
Something that you have to keep in mind is to do not chew gum, be conscious of how much perfume/cologne you wear and remember to exude confidence! Smile and relax!
Tip #5 – Arrive early
Arrive for your interview 5-10 minutes early. Some, interviewers are time-sensitive and notice if you’re a minute late. Give yourself time to reach the location and do not rush since this will affect your interview performance. If you think you will be late, call the company and explain them of the situation.
Tip #6 – Strong Introduction
Introduce yourself with a smile, a handshake. A good handshake shows you are confident and willing to engage. Always make eye contact when you shake hands firmly, as in this way, positive vibes can be established.
Tip #7 – Never Talk Negatively About Current/Previous Employer
It is important not be negative when it comes to your previous employers or colleagues. It will only show that you have a bad-mouth for other people and that’s not something you would like to advertise to a potential manager. Always be positive and enthusiastic.
Tip #8 – Stay Calm
During the job interview try to relax and stay as calm possible. Remember that your body language says as much about you as your answers to the questions. Proper preparation will llow you to exude confidence. Try to maintain an eye contact with the interviewer and listen carefully the question before you answer. Stay calm, breathe deeply and focus on success!
Tip #9 – Ask Questions At The End of The Interview
A job interview is an investigition into your experience, achievements and cultural fit. Your skills are under micropse and your communication skills will determine how well you present this vial information. When hirers ask you if you have any questions, you will one opporunity to demonstrate how well you communicate and how well you can fit into the compnay. Employers are impressed if you ask good yet intelligent questions. Ask about work processess, quality control, common challenegs within the company. Show that you really want to understand the nature of the work so that to function better in the organization.
Tip #10 – Follow Up
Always follow up an interview within 24 hours. Email each interview and it will make you stand out. This could be the deciding factor when multiple candidates are under consideration. Inside the email, follow up with a thank you note reiteration your interest in the position. If your interview was contacted by multiple interviewers, send each one a personal thank you note.

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