6 Career Terms You Need to Know

We’ve all been there. You are standing with colleagues grabbing coffee or in the conference room waiting for a meeting to start when someone mentions a phrase you’ve never heard of. Trying to play it off, you nod your head in agreement, blindly chiming in with something like, “Totally, I’m thinking about recareering in a few months myself.” Meanwhile, you’re racking your brain to think of what “recareering” means and wondering if you used it correctly in that sentence.

Career Terms You Need to Know

     1. Elevator pitch

A quick way to communicate your purpose, talents and the mark you’d like to make on the world. Compelling and to the point, elevator pitches aim to pique someone’s interest and entice them to want to learn more about you.

    2. Culture Fit

  1. To express or exhibit the values, behavior, and attitude that complement a company’s current organization.
  2. Hiring someone who fits with company’s specific atmosphere. The purpose of majority of interview questions asked during a job interview becoming as important as the applicant’s skills level in determining whether an offer will be made.

    3. Career Branding

  1. Marketing yourself in a professional setting.
  2. Tactfully painting a picture of your career accomplishments, talents and skills to convey aptitude, leadership skills and expertise. A resume cover letter, portfolio, social media and manner of presenting yourself are tools of career branding.

     4. Side hustle

A way to make extra money by taking on a second (or third) job in your spare time. Whether driving for a ride sharing service or pursuing a true passion like wedding photography on the weekends, a side hustle is a chance to explore other talents without quitting your day job.

     5. Recareering

To change one’s career, usually late in life. Not just a job change, but a move to a completely different career path with the goal of increasing money, position and influence.

     6. Thinking Talents

Instinctive ways of thinking. They set you apart from the crowd and will you excel at work and find career you’re passionate about.

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