5 Valuable Skills to Build Career in 2018

When you are only on your twenties and just starting out your career it is rather hard to decide which career path to take. The fact that people statistically change their jobs approximately 10 times in their life does not make it easier.

Possible the job that you will have in 10-15  years does not yet exist!

Skills are as diverse as the amount of positions available but there are certain valuable skills that are trendy among many professions and will help rock your career in 2018 as well.

5 Valuable Skills to Build Career in 2018

Data Analytics

Knowing how to make sense of loads of information is the first on the valuable skills list. If you have or you want to have your own business, or would like to have a decision-making position, understanding data is crucial skill to have. Business use social media sites where people like, pin, tweet, comment, share and many more. That is a truck-load of actions to categorize and understand. Additionally, many companies such as Accounting firms, Logistics, record so much data you cannot imagine. The point of having so much data is to be able to make timely, accurate and informed decisions for business. These days use very little intuition when it comes to decision making. To have a great business or a great career you must be able to make sense of all the data you get every day, every minute.

Willingness to learn

50% of what we know now will be outdated in a matter on 1 year. So if you stop learning new things you will be out of business in a glimpse.

It is really an overwhelming amount of information circling the atmosphere. To keep up requires a conscious effort. There are so many things you can do to keep up with up with the flow: read some books in your industry, read a newspaper, listen to podcasts, watch online courses. You can sign up for a website providing online courses. It is an amazing place to learn both soft and hard skills.

Managing multiple projects aka multitasking

Someone said multitasking is a myth and it diminishes your productivity. Well yes that’s true. But unless you work in a factory putting nuts on bolts there is little chance you will have only one thing on your to-do list at any given time. If you want to succeed in life you need to learn manage multiple projects at the same time without losing your mind.


There are already trending jokes online about how millennials go to job interviews. They are really funny when you watch them; however, there is a lot of sad truth about it. I know, I know you will say the business environment is changing. Common, Zuckerberg walks in sneakers and Google has its own floating sleeping pods. Unfortunately, the time when you can write your business emails with bunch of emojis did not come yet and dress codes still exist. Knowing such basic things like how to write a proper business email or how to dress to a business event can take you far.


No business can be done alone. At least no huge, profitable, and meaningful business can be done alone. At one point or another you will have to meet new investors, new business partners, new influencers on social media, etc. Knowing how to approach people, how to keep a meaningful conversation is a skill that will prevail. Did you know that you are an average of your 5 friends? You might feel very comfortable in your gang but if you want to reach for the stars you might have to go out of your comfort and meet people who are way above your level of expertise. There are tons of information online how to approach people, how to start a conversation an more. Start now.

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