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  • Founded Since 2011
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Company Description

OJO Sunglasses is hard to beat. Due to its unique business philosophy of quality and fashion in high class retail shops, we have become the most successful chain of sunglasses in our country of origin (Cyprus) in just 5 years.

With already having exceeded our 2016 goal of 40 locations internationally, we are now on track to reach our 2017 goal of 50 locations in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Lebanon, Malta and other countries in Europe. Our aim today is to take full advantage of the business experience we have gained in order to successfully penetrate and succeed in the whole of Europe and other parts of the world.

Most of our franchisees have invested in more than one store because they have identified our brand to be highly profitable, very competitive, while at the same time, totally committed to superior quality, high fashion, professional and friendly service in our “State of the Art” retail stores.


With vast managerial experience in sales, marketing, fashion and management, we have become experts in insuring that all OJO Sunglasses stores are built to perfection.

We constantly take into consideration the consumers’ needs and purchasing habits, accurately identifying the perfect choice and fit of sunglasses for all our customers wherever in the world they may be. With strong consideration towards our customers, our stores have been especially designed for the ultimate customer experience when shopping at OJO Sunglasses Stores.

Using uniquely designed back lit displays and full length mirrors, our collection of sunglasses are exhibited in a way whereby the beauty, colour and quality of each pair of OJO sunglasses are exhibited with pride.

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