• Founded Date 27/12/2022
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  • Founded Since 1900
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Company Description

We are a global leading B2B financial information platform that helps forex brokers, crypto exchanges, stock brokers, and brokerage solution providers find business partners.

What do we provide?
● Up-to-date News
We provide up-to-date news, including data & reports, executive moves, regulatory dynamics, retail and institutional dynamics.

● In-depth articles and interviews
In Fazzaco Features, we offer facts- and data-based analyses, leadership insights and must-see events coverage related to the global fintech market.

● Magazine
Fazzaco Magazine is a monthly digest of selected industry-wide stories and updates, running the gamut from Industry Trends, Company Dynamics, Data & Reports, to Regulation etc.

● Companies
We provide a comprehensive company list including 1,900+ companies in 19 categories across the forex, cryptocurrency, stocks and fintech industries. Company members can claim or create their own company pages at Fazzaco. The company administrator is allowed to edit company page and update dynamics.

● Webinars
Fazzaco Webinars, a self-developed live streaming platform, enables streamers to start a live streaming anytime from anywhere in a straightforward and convenient way, breaking down boundaries and connecting global businesses to bring more partnership opportunities and attract more traffic.

● Expo
Fazzaco Expo is a gathering for brokers of various assets, ranging from forex, stocks, crypto etc. as well as exchanges, providers of CRM, white label, liquidity solutions, and PSPs, blockchain companies and many others. It’s a fresh and lively financial show allowing everyone to get more out of it.

In Cyprus
1. We have less than 5 employees, and will increase to 10 in the future. In addition, we have regular partners in Cyprus, accounting firms and HR agencies. They complete taxes and pay salaries and so on for our employees. They don’t have to worry about tax issues once they are hired.
2. We will hold the Exhibition at Larnaca Airpot.So The best place for the exhibition receptionist to live is close to the airport so that he/her can get there quickly.

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