Makeup & hair Artist

Full time @TheSoul Publishing in Other
  • Limassol, Cyprus
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Job Detail

  • Job ID 6371
  • Remote Job No
  • Experience 2 Years +

Job Description

TheSoul Publishing is looking for a talented and creative Make up & hair Artist to join our team in Limassol studio!


Job responsibilities:

  • Create makeup in strict agreement with the overall artistic intention of the video (or other piece of content), the request, and the demands of the Client issued in the course of work;
  • Create makeup and makeup design of any complexity, including creating results of intellectual activity, including applying decorative elements in work, applying special effects (sequins, sparkles, paillettes, etc.);
  • Apply makeup to a model with regards to the requirements and requests of the Client;
  • Create a hairdo and hair set for a model with regards to the requirements and requests of the Client;
  • Create a complete image consistent with the suggested script or the Client’s task;
  • Do various kinds of makeup correcting the face shape and facial features;
  • Do makeup with regards to the coloristic type of appearance and face shape;
  • Create a complex image that may go beyond using decorative cosmetics, including clothing selection and creating a hairdo;
  • Select professional care products for makeup application;
  • Individually pick cosmetic care products taking into account the features of skin, color type, and set tasks;
  • Select means and techniques that are consistent with the requirements and requests of the Client;
  • Adhere to the makeup application technology;
  • Perform sanitary and bactericidal cleaning of the place (place of performance) before beginning to apply makeup;
  • Disinfect and sterilize of the tools and expendables;
  • Keep track of the expiry dates of cosmetic products;
  • Check the condition and operability of the tools and Equipment necessary to perform the order;
  • Account for the Equipment, tools, and expendables provided by the Client;
  • Request the Equipment from the Client in a timely manner if it is required to fulfill the obligations set by the Agreement;
  • Keep the place of performance clean if the order is performed at the Client’s premises;
  • Set the tools, products, and materials used in work on the desk in such a way as to not intervene with the makeup model observing the process and result in the mirror;
  • Set the tools and cosmetic products on the work desk either in the drawers or on the open shelves, depending on its construction;
  • Clean and disinfect the makeup brushes after use for every makeup model;
  • Sterilise the tools using special sterilization equipment (may be provided by the Client);
  • Before leaving the Client’s office (if the order was performed ini the Client’s studio), turn off all the electric appliances and check that they are turned off;
  • Before brow correction, process the tweezers, which includes cleaning, disinfection, and sterilizing;
  • Adhere to other safety and hygiene regulations consistent with the industrial practices;
  • Perform other activities to perform the work (render the services) as best as possible and in the Client’s best interest.


Candidate requirements:

  • Minimum of 2 years of professional experience;
  • Professional knowledge and skills: makeup of various degrees of complexity, experience in creating hairstyles;
  • Knowledge of specific software programs/tools: basic knowledge of how to use a computer;
  • Foreign language proficiency level: English (fluent)


Working conditions:

  • An international and talented team that consists of 90 % of creative people;
  • Decent salary;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Free lunch in the office;
  • Part-time job.

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