Companies: Benefits of using JobWatch

For recruiters or HR Managers, it can seem as there’s never enough time in the day. Looking through numerous resumes, posting jobs to multiple websites, conducting effective interviews, and keeping everything organised is a daunting task. However, utilizing a website like JobWatch is a great way to streamline these tasks. It offers a quick and simple approach to get your postings in front of thousands of candidates, and you can manage every potential candidate through an online interface.

How It Works

You can quickly register as a company and set up your profile by entering your name, email address, telephone number, and position name. This is to know, who posted and who to contact regarding an open position. To set up a company profile, enter basic information, including company name, logos, offices, contact details as well as you can provide additional information regarding the company. Plus, if you’re hiring for multiple companies, you can add as many companies as you want and customise profile pages by uploading company logos that matches the company for which you’re hiring. This makes organisation a breeze. 

To create your job listing, enter basic information, including job title, category, a job description, and other job requirements, in order to form a standardised job description. You can also, include online interview questions, which candidates answer when they inquire about your job. JobWatch allows you to post unlimited jobs for free.

Once you’ve posted one or more jobs, you will be able to view all your posted jobs, as well as the profiles of any candidates who have applied. Furthermore, it is possible to save candidates’ resumes so you can shortlist the candidates that fits into your company and check them later.

Key Features

Branded Job Pages: Upload your job logo and add company details so that match the hiring company.

Candidate Interviews: Create a mini interview while you create a job list with questions to potential candidates to help eliminate unqualified ones. You can create custom questions and choose a multiple choice, yes/no, or free form answering system.

New Candidate Alerts: You will receive an email every time a candidate applies to one of your posted jobs.


Unlimited Applicants: There is no limit to the number of candidates that can apply to the posted jobs.

Unlimited Job postings: Many job boards require a fee to post, but with JobWatch, it’s free.

Additional Company/Offices Profiles: You can add as many additional companies or offices as needed.


The recruiting industry has been overwhelmed since the economy took a tumble, and the reason is that over-qualified candidates apply for anything they see just to earn a paycheck. To sort your way through the madness, give JobWatch a shot. It stacks up well against the competition, especially with its candidate screening feauture. This is something that you typically won’t find with other services and plus our plans are free.

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